Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winners play to their STRENGTHS !!!

Winners know their strengths very very well, they also know their weakness area very well, they consiously focus on and play to their strength area only, they know that they can become the best only by focussing on their strength and not worrying about their weakness area.

They never try to be Someone else, they are their strongest VERY OWN SELF....they are that way, because of being that way...they become very successful at whatever they set out to do.

Spend some time, identifying your strength and weakness area, are you working on your strengths everyday and winning every day or are you worried about covering your weakness areas and losing every day !!! Winners focus on strength area in themselves and they focus on strength areas in others.

Once YOU truly grasp the strength areas which you are GOOD at, then there is no looking back, you should not hesitate to start working on and honing those skills which make you really really GOOD and BIG... GO for it NOW, don't wait for permission to perform to your strengths, Be the person YOU always wanted to be, Be the WINNER you always ARE...WINNERS really play to their strengths and losers try to cover their weaknesses and are constantly worried about that. What do you want to do ?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winner's attitude is the most important

Attitude can be referred to as a person's response to an event, winners seem to be having a positive attitude, rather their dominant attitude seems to be positive.

Whatever circumstances that may happen to us, when our reaction to the same is positive no matter what, then one is said to posses a positive attitude.

Losers seem to be having a poor attitude, put the other way, when one has a poor attitude they tend to lose. Winners also lose many times, but they react to it positively, with the result they bounce back faster and tend to win more number or times.

We can never predict the circumstances in our lives, we do not have control over the events that happen, however we do have total control over our thoughts, when we excercise this control, we start developing a strong attitude, no matter what happens, winners never lose their attitude...

Let's WIN the attitude game and WIN in life too...!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winners focus on the Seeds and not the Fruits

Most of the people focus on fruits of their action - like the car they drive, the house they live in, the paycheck they get etc. This is typical of losers mentality to focus all your energies on the fruits you have currently in hand.

Winners in life on the other hand focus entirely on the SEEDs that they are planting, the focus beyond the fruits on the real cause behind the fruits which are the seeds of action. They are the thoughts....

Yes, when the right seeds are planted at the right time and at the right place the fruit has to be borne isn't it. What is the use in cribbing about the fruits, if you don't like the fruits....change the place, time and type of seeds you are planting. Winner's always do that, they don't focus on fruits but on seeds.

After planting the right seeds, at the right time and right place, winners wait patiently for the fruits to appear, if they don't they don't get disappointed, they go about planting more seeds in different places and at different times.

Just as an apple seed will bear apple fruits, the seeds of success, wealth and happiness is bound to bear fruits. It's just a matter of time and environment for the seed to blossom into a flower and fruit.

Winners know this very well, losers don't understand this at a WINNER, focus on the SEED not the FRUIT of your ACTION. The Fruit is the result, the seed is YOUR thought...GOWIN

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WINNERS get into the Zone !!!

Winners and Champions seem to be getting into what is called as WINNER'S ZONE...when they are in the WINNER'S ZONE they become somewhat unbeatable and they are performing at their best.

Losers mostly stay within their comfort zone, they seldom go beyond it, the reasons which are actually excuses could be many - sometimes it's fear, lack of confidence, lazy to push beyond their comfort zone etc...

WINNERS on the other hand constantly push their Comfort Zone, they keep pushing the limits, they keep pushing themselves to perform better, they compete against themselves and constantly better their performance. All this they do so that they leave their comfort zone and get into their WINNER's zone....they know that they will be their best when they get into the WINNER's they happily leave their comfort zone.

When you are in the WINNER's Zone you have only one thought, one goal and one purpose - that is WINNING !!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Champions perform, Losers find excuses

When the decisive moment arrives Champions put all they have on the line and PERFORM, they give it their best, all their energies, their entire being is engaged and focussed on only one thing WINNING, that's all matters for them, whereas a loser will go in half heartedly, for them losing is an option, they will always have an escape route - blame it on others, circumstances, lack of training, support the end of the day, Champions perform when it matters, losers blame others or have enough excuses for failing.

For Champions WINNING is the ONLY doesn't matter how long it takes, losing is never an OPTION.